Third International Conference for Psychodrama with Chilren and Youth


n the middle of Plovdiv’s main street, there is a sculpture of the word “TOGETHER” written in colorful letters. Often you can also see that the spelling of the name of the city has been changed to pLOVEdiv. This describes exactly what we experienced together with 90 participants from 14 countries. We had twenty workshops and two lectures on making the connection between Brain and Play. It became clear how Togetherness works between Brain and Play and between people of different origins. Basic human needs were met, physical and mental health was enhanced, and all this led to a successful event.

Alfons Aichinger, the founder of child psychodrama in Germany, was the highlight of the whole conference. He always brilliantly in the role of a speaker, a play therapist, and a dancer.
Many thanks to the whole conference team (Kristina Gotseva-Balgaranova, Ivo Popivanov, Dara Vassileva, and Dimitar Mutafchiev). You put in a lot of effort that paid off more than well.
We will see each other again in two years and if you want more Togetherness, the FEPTO network group will meet on the first weekend of February in Brașov.

Third International Conference for Psychodrama with Children and Youth