Report of the Network Group meeting for Psychodramatists Working with Children and Youth

3rd-5th of February 2023 in Ghent

Our topic was:

Psychodrama with children and youth in wartime

How shall I hold my soul that it does not touch yours?
-R.M. Rilke

This FEPTO Network meeting in Ghent was very special because we helped each other. “Help the helpers” was our theme and we clarified the stress factors and supported and relieved each other.

13 psychodrama therapists from 7 countries experienced solidarity and learned new aspects at the same time. We reflected on transference and countertransference in collective trauma and spoke about our own narratives.

Our FEPTO network group has supported our Ukrainian colleagues in two projects so far. Psychodrama with teenagers and The philosophy of war have been carried out as projects together with Ukrainian colleagues. Further projects are about to be realized.


The last few years have been very hard for children and young people. Recently many scientific articles showed results of how much the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced, overwhelmed and stressed out children and adolescents.

This will be one of the topics we will discuss at our next meeting in Lisbon on 02.02.2024 – 05.02.2024.

After 3 years of COVID-19 pandemic, we came together again and laughed, wept, dined, danced, enjoyed drinks, and learned a lot.

Yes, travelling is exhausting and costs money, but we can only grow when our souls are really in touch with each other.

Thank you, Moira and Bart, for your hospitality, the spirit of Ghent will be with us.

Looking forward to meeting you in Lisbon in 2024!

And finally, we would like to invite you to the 3rd International Conference on Psychodrama with Children and Adolescents!

Here you will find all further information:

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Report of the Network Group meeting for Psychodramatists Working with Children and Youth