Trauma stabilization for refugee families with Psychodrama  – innovation project 2017-2019    EBTS

EBTS-Project in 3 EU-countries 2017-2019

Conductors:   Milena Mutafchieva, Stefan Flegelskamp, & Reijo Kauppila

Evidence-Based Trauma Stabilization (EBTS) consists of two innovative products for the stabilization of traumatized children among refugee, asylum-seeking, and immigrant families. The EBTS-Program is a Psychodrama-based short trauma stabilization process for refugee, asylum seeking and immigrant families. In the EBTS-Training psychologists, social workers, educators, and other professionals learn to conduct the EBTS-Program in groups of refugee families.

The project has been funded with support from the European Commission.

This project is born in the present need of more effective working with refugee, asylum seeking, and immigrant families. The European situation is challenging, and as professionals we should find new ways of supporting the integration of refugees in our society. One way to do it is to support constructive relations between children and parents and to develop resilience in the families. Most of refugee, asylum-seeking, and immigrant families have some kind of trauma experience in their country of origin or on their way to destination country.

EBTS re-connects traumatized children to their parents and thus to their most important resource – attachment. EBTS uses the language of the children: Playing.

EBTS combines psycho-education on trauma with child-friendly and child-psychodrama playful stabilization techniques.

EBTS provides helpers with the latest knowledge in the field of trauma using experience- and action-oriented methods.

EBTS stabilizes children, parents, and helpers.














One outcome of EBTS was this Webinar for FEPTO 2019

First online Seminar for psychodrama with children work for 60 colleagues in Egypt, November 2020

Echoes or voices published on Facebook:

“It was my honor to organize this great workshop with exceptional trainers.
Milena Mutafchieva and Stefan Flegelskamp
I am deeply grateful for your marvellous efforts and your endless generosity and persistence to make this dream finally come true.
I was inspired by your beautiful spirit, sense of humor and playfulness along with your wisdom and experience.
I appreciate so much that you were very thoughtful and considerate of our culture.
I can’t thank you enough, waiting for a long-term training with you.”
Hoda, from Egypt

Seminar in Brasov 2019

Voices about Brasov on Facebook :

“November 2019 Brasov, for children, a technique to work differently from psychodrama adults.I am glad I had the chance to meet you here, at the edition of the National Psychodrama Conference in Brasov, I collaborated with you and watched you work. I love adult psychodrama and now I want to work as a child therapist thanks to Stefan from Germany and Milena Mutafchieva from Bulgaria.”
Marian, from Romania

Seminar in Moscow 2018

Voices published on Facebook :

“Here is the end of the three-day workshop.Leaves after you a sea full of impressions, feelings, thoughts, wishes, desires to use everything in the best way, there is a lot of good.Thanks to Stefan and Milena for the atmosphere, techniques, and the possibility to get this palette of feelings! Thank you for the possibility to not feel the language barrier I have so far.Thank you to the organisers of for inviting such first class hosts, organising everything to the highest standard, thank you girls!Thanks to all the colleagues who flew by during these three days, so rich, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but so full and so helpful!  See you again!  AUGUST 2018” 

Svetlana, from Russia 

Summer Academy of 2017

How it all kicked off. The Summer Academy 2017 at Iskar dam, Bulgaria. A week full of playing, learning, and encountering your own inner child and the group members from all over Europe.












“I am blessed and so proud to have this opportunity to be with you in the Summer Academy of psychodrama with children Sofia, 2017. So grateful for you all and special thanks to Stefan and Milena.”
Hoda, from Egypt

Training groups:

Bulgarian group 2016-2020

“In 2016 we started our first training group in Bulgaria. Wonderful, payful and magic was the feedback;  „we learned a new language“ to play with children. Graduation Picture of our first Psychodrama with children group in Bulgaria 2016-2020 Four years full of inspiration and joy! Our graduation motto: It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning!”
Denitsa, from Bulgaria